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Golden Nugget – Day 172

Today’s Golden Nugget:

Did you know the five closest people in your life affect your life in ways you may not know about? Think about this: you will either consciously or subconsciously pick up their traits and habits and make them your own. Is that good or got you nervous? The nugget today is to associate with the caliber of people you aspire to become.


This year, I’m sharing a daily “golden nugget” of advice designed to help you reach your goals, make your dreams reality, and obtain success in whatever you choose to pursue.

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Kathy MacKenzie is a real estate broker, coach, trainer and author who has helped countless others reach their real estate goals since 2000.

If you happen to be a real estate agent in San Diego and you are not hitting your goals or you want to take your real estate career to the next level, let’s talk. Learn how a supportive environment providing the mentors, tools, training, technology and accountability that has helped countless others, can help you achieve success you desire. Contact me today!


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